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Seminar of YPFDJ organization in Juba


Asmara, 08 February 2022- A discussion forum for YPFDJ organization has been organized in Juba on 6 February under the theme “Role of Society in the Renaissance and Development of the Country”.

Indicating that renaissance and development of country and society is not to be left to the Government and Government institutions only, Mr. Fuad Mohammed, head of Public and Community Affairs at the Eritrean Embassy in the Republic of South Sudan, called on Diaspora Eritreans in the Republic of South Sudan and in other countries to play due role in the nation building process.

Pointing out that proper time management, fond of knowledge and education, fond of reading and writing, innovation and research, saving as well as giving priority to national interest are among the main pillars for renaissance and development, Mr. Fuad called on the nationals to increase awareness and reinforce contribution in the effort the Government and people of Eritrea are exerting.

The participants on their part expressed readiness to strengthen organization and participation in the national affairs.

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