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Meeting of Ministry of Health branch in Gash Barka

Barentu, 18 February 2022- At an activity assessment meeting at the Ministry of Health branch in the Gash Barka Region, Ms. Amina Nurhusein, Minister of Health called for introducing a health service provision system compatible with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Commending the activities implemented in the region to ensure the health of the public, Minister Amina said that the Ministry of Health is working to introduce a health service provision system in agreement with the objective regional and global developments.

According to the report presented by Dr. Hayelom Kidane, director of the Ministry of Health in the region, 20 hospitals and health centers have been equipped with modern medical facilities, a solar energy system has been introduced in 49 health facilities and two health stations have been constructed in the sub-zones of Shambuko and Kerkebet.

Dr. Hayelom further noted that in 2021 strong effort has been conducted to raise the awareness of the public on health issues and especially that of harmful practices as well as community-based environmental sanitation programs with a view to controlling the prevalence of communicable diseases.

At the meeting, reports were presented focusing on the activities conducted in ensuring the health of mothers and children, communicable diseases control, controlling sexually transmitted diseases, and the prevalence of malaria and TB as well as other activities related to health service provision.

Speaking at the occasion, Ambassador Mahmud Ali Hiruy, Governor of the Region, expressed the readiness of the regional administration to stand alongside the Ministry in all its efforts to ensure the health of the public.

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