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Effort to produce youth equipped with knowledge and skill

Sawa, 22 February 2022- At an activity assessment meeting conducted on 19 February, the Sawa Vocational Training Center reported that is exerting strong effort to produce youth equipped with the necessary knowledge and skill that could make an impact in the nation building process.

According to the reports presented by the directors of the various fields of study, necessary preparation has been made to start the academic year as scheduled through the coordinated participation of the Vocational Center and the National Service Training Center.

The director of the Vocational Training Center, Mr. Tesfay Tewolde said that the center is providing two years practical and theoretical training in 12 fields of study including Design, Survey, Electricity, Electronics, Water Pipes Installation, Computer Maintenance, Cooling System, Machinery Operation and Maintenance as well as Metal and Wood Work.

Mr. Tesfay also called on the concerned institutions and stakeholders to reinforce participation with a view to further develop the center.

The participants of the meeting conducted extensive discussion on the reports presented and adopted various recommendations including for strengthening the relationship between students, teachers and staff of the center as well as for creating conducive atmosphere for students to have access to develop their skills practically at institutions in their areas.

Speaking at the occasion, Col. Debesai Ghide, Commander of Sawa National Service Training Center, said that the teachers and staff members of the center have the responsibility to produce competent and well equipped students with knowledge and skill and expressed readiness to stand alongside them in all their endeavors.

Sawa Vocational Training Center is currently providing vocational training in 12 fields of study to 23 thousand 137 students including 10 thousand 741 females.

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