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Qualitative change in health services provision

Massawa, 25 February 2022- The Ministry of Health branch in the Northern Red Sea Region reported that as a result of the introduction of modern medical facilities and human resources deployment health service provision in the region is registering qualitative change.

At an activity assessment meeting conducted on 21 and 22 February, Mr. Tesfay Tesfatsion, director of the Ministry of Health in the Region, said that strong effort has been exerted to control the prevalence of epidemic diseases across the region and rapid response to the measles epidemic in the sub-zones of Afabet and Gelalo.

Mr. Tesfay went on to say that in 2021 the number of pregnant women seeking prenatal treatment at health facilities has increased by 65%, the number of pregnant women delivering at health facilities by over 56%, vaccination coverage and distribution of Vitamin ‘A’ by 88 and 96% respectively and modern latrine usage by 84%.

The heads of the various units and medical directors also presented activity reports focusing mainly on the efforts conducted to control the prevalence of communicable diseases, health service provision to mothers and children as well as vaccination programs.

Ms. Amina Nurhusein, Minister of Health, said that the encouraging participation of the community in the health service provision activities will have significant contribution in realizing the Sustainable Development Goals.



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