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International Women’s Day commemoration

Asmara, 02 March 2022– International Women’s Day, 8 March will be commemorated respecting the guidelines to control the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

Ms. Senait Mehari, head of Socio-Economic Service at the National Union of Eritrean Women, said that the commemoration event that already started from 1 March will include seminars, voluntary blood donation, and other programs.

Indicating that 90% of the projects initiated by the union have been successfully implemented, Ms. Senait said that various vocational training programs have been organized with a view to develop the overall capacity of women and over 47 million Nakfa loan has been distributed to disadvantaged women with the aim to enable them improve their livelihoods.

Ms. Senait went on to say that bee hives have been distributed to 300 families, 350 families were provided with 25 chicks each and financial and material support has been extended to disadvantaged students.

Ms. Senait further noted that as a result of the sustainable awareness raising activities FGM practice that was over 95% in 2005 has been significantly reduced.

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