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Veteran freedom fighter Estifanos Habte passes away

Asmara, 03 March 2022- Veteran freedom fighter and former Minister of Trade and Industry passed away on 2 March at the age of 76 after long illness.

Veteran freedom fighter Estifanos Habte who joined the EPLF in 1978 during the armed struggle for independence served in various capacities including in the education sector as well as commissioner of transportation and economic department.

After independence, Veteran freedom fighter Estifanos served his country and people as head of transportation department, manager of Public Transportation Corporation, head of land transportation, as well as Minister of Trade and Industry.

Veteran freedom fighter Estifanos Habte is survived by his wife and three children.

Expressing deep sorrow by the passing away of veteran freedom fighter Estifanos Habte, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications expresses condolences to families and friends.

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