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Ukraine As Sacrificial Lamb


These are dangerous times.  The anguish and human sufferings inculcated in the war in Ukraine are too familiar that could and should have been avoidable from the outset.

More ominously, the world is on a precipice of a colossal disaster; the threat and potential for a major conflagration cannot be downplayed or shrugged off if we stay on this dangerous course.

This is not a crisis that erupted yesterday. The seeds of the current crisis were planted and have been brewing for the last thirty years by forces of domination and hegemony who craved to establish a unipolar world order.   The inevitable corollary of this misguided and perilous policy was the encirclement and “containment” of Russia since it was perceived as the primary obstacle to their objectives.

Ukraine is sadly a victim and has been scape-goated in their overarching scheme of “tightening the noose on Russia”.

In this perspective, the issue is not a matter of support for Russia or Putin.

Global peace and cooperation, the future of humanity, depend on healthy and robust multilateralism anchored on adherence to, and respect of, international law; on compliance with all the provisions of the UN Charter.

A unipolar, or polarized world order, is antithetical to the fundamental pillars of robust multilateralism as well as the lofty aspirations of the majority of the world’s peoples and nations.

This is what is at stake in these crucial times.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs


4 March 2022

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