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Entomology center exerting commendable activities

Keren, 15 March 2022- The Entomology Center in Elaberet sub-zone is significantly contributing to controlling communicable diseases that are transmitted by means of mosquitoes.

Indicating the praiseworthy contribution of the center in reducing the prevalence of malaria in the past 20 years, Mr. Mensur Yunus, Entomologist at the Ministry of Agriculture branch in Anseba Region, said that the center is currently equipped with a modern laboratory facility and is in better condition to conduct more researches.

Mr. Mensur also said that the center is exchanging information and experience with similar centers in the Southern and Gash Barka Regions.

Expressing satisfaction for the tangible contribution the center is making in controlling communicable diseases, the experts in the center said that it will not be far that malaria and other communicable diseases that are transmitted through mosquitoes are put under control.

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