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Explanation of Position after the Vote by the Delegation of Eritrea 24 March 2022, New York

 Mr. President,

  • Eritrea is taking the floor in explanation of position after the adoption of draft resolution A/ES-11/L2 (Humanitarian consequences of the aggression against Ukraine)
  • The draft resolution just adopted regrettably makes reference to the resolution adopted on 2nd March which my delegation voted against. Eritrea is disappointed that the humanitarian issue is politicized.
  • Eritrea rejects any politicization of humanitarian issue as it undermines actions geared towards addressing core humanitarian situation of affected peoples and countries. Had the text presented for the consideration of the general assembly focused on humanitarian priorities only, it could have been possible to adopt the text by consensus, garnering a much stronger and united voice on humanitarian principles that matter most within the context of the agenda item that we have been discussing for the last two days.
  • Eritrea appreciates the initiative of South Africa in tabling L3. The draft focused on humanitarian priorities and avoided polarizing political contents which were already addressed in the previous occasion. Eritrea was prepared to support the L3 draft text.
  • In the consideration of humanitarian assistance, it is important that the principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence is upheld, and all humanitarian actions are guided by the full respect of these principles.
  • Despite the geopolitical differences between US led NATO and Russia, which is having grave humanitarian consequences for Ukraine, Eritrea wishes to stress that all parties to the conflict take concrete steps to respect their obligations under international humanitarian principles, to ensure that, all civilians and nationalities, including African nationals are fully protected. It is important to make every effort possible to minimize humanitarian consequences for the civilian population.
  • The unfolding humanitarian situation demands agreeing on a ceasefire and achieving humanitarian pauses to ensure safe, rapid, voluntary and unhindered evacuation of civilians.
  • While the task of humanitarian assistance is ongoing, there should be an earnest effort on the political track to end the conflict and in this regard, Eritrea wishes to reiterate its call for the peaceful resolution of the conflict through dialogue and diplomacy.
  • Finally, on a more serious political note, the current campaign or drive to go back to a unipolar world order by I quote, “tightening the noose on Russia”, is becoming more dangerous and risky military confrontation which runs contrary to the fundamental pillars of robust multilateralism as well as the lofty aspirations of the majority of the world’s peoples and nations. We must remain guided by the UN Charter in the full respect for sovereignty, territorial integrity, and political independence of states for a peaceful world order.
  • In this tumultuous period of great uncertainty, Eritrea wishes peace to Ukraine and Russia as well as to the rest of the region.

Thank you

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