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Meeting on increasing agricultural production and productivity

Barentu, 31 March 2022 – The Governor of the Gash Barka Region, Ambassador Mahmud Ali Hiruy stated that strong effort is being exerted in cooperation with government institutions, the public and members of the Defense Forces, to boost agricultural production and productivity as well as to introduce efficient water and land utilization in the region.

Ambassador Mahmud made the statement at a meeting conducted on 28 March in Mensura with area administrators, members of the regional assembly, representatives of the public and government institutions and national associations, as well as village coordinators and Army Commanders.

Ambassador Mahmud further stated that alongside the implementation of the charted-out development programs, sustainable awareness raising campaigns have been conducted with the objective of boosting production and productivity as well as efficient use of water resources and land management.

Ambassador Mahmud also called on administrators, village coordinators and representative of the public to strengthen participation in the effective implementation of the charted-out development programs.

Indicating that last summer agricultural production has been low due to low precipitation, Ambassador Mahmud reminded participants to strengthen participation in water and soil conservation activities as well as storage of crops and fodder for both humans and livestock.

Participants on their part adopted various recommendations including tackling deforestation activities as well as immediate response to land allotment for agricultural and grazing activities.

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