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Regular meeting of Northern Red Sea Region Assembly

Massawa, 01 April 2022- The Northern Red Sea Region Assembly held its 17th regular meeting on 29 and 30 March under the theme “Sovereign Country for Generations”.

Indicating that heavy sacrifice has been paid and is being paid to handover to generations a sovereign and developed country in which social justice prevails, Mr. Ibrahim Ali Sheik, Chairman of the regional Assembly, called for integrated effort to strengthen development programs aimed at improving the livelihoods of the public.

At the meeting, reports on the implemented development programs of 2021 and charted out programs for 2022 have been presented and members of the Assembly conducted extensive discussion.

The participants also discussed on the efforts that are being exerted and challenges encountered to ensure potable water supply and health of the society, activities to develop students’ school enrolment, as well as to boost agricultural production and water and soil conservation activities.

They also adopted various recommendations including to provide educational opportunity to school aged children, alleviate potable water supply problems in Dahlak, Bada, Naro, Kilamet and Afabet town, as well as to introduce community based environmental sanitation program.

The Assembly also conducted extensive discussion on the charted-out development programs for 2022.

Pointing out that listening and addressing demands of the public is the responsibility of the Assembly, Ms. Asmeret Abraha, Governor of the Northern Red Sea Region, called on the members of Assembly to play a leading role in encouraging the public to reinforce participation in the implementation of the charted-out development drives.

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