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Conviction to strengthen participation in national affairs

Asmara, 09 April 2022- Eritrean nationals in the UK and Northern Ireland as well as “Tsinat Group” in Germany expressed conviction to strengthen participation and contribution in the national affairs.

The nationals also contributed 73 thousand 210 Pounds and 57 thousand Euros in support of the activities of Eritrean communities.

Accordingly, nationals residing in West London contributed 38 thousand 450 Pounds, nationals in Manchester 12 thousand 960 Pounds, nationals in Leicester 4 thousand 400 Pounds, nationals in Nottingham 8 thousand 800 Pounds, nationals in Sheffield 8 thousand 600 Pounds and “Tsinat Group” in Germany contributed 57 thousand Euros.

“Tsinat Group” comprises youth from different ages and conducts awareness raising programs with a view the Eritrean youth in Germany comprehend their history and identity.

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