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Southern Region: Activity assessment meeting

Mendefara, 09 April 2022- The Southern Region administration held activity assessment meeting of 2021 on 6 April in Mendefera city.

According to the report presented by Mr. Habteab Tesfatsion, Governor of the region, in 2021 commendable activities have been implemented including water and soil conservation, renovation of roads and micro-dams, as well as planting tree seedlings with a view to redress the environment.

Indicating that coordinated activities have been conducted on the part of Government and PFDJ institutions to implement the charted-out development programs amid the restrictions to control the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Habteab said that successful activities have been exerted to curb the spread of the pandemic.

Pointing out that with the ample distribution of rainfall in the rainy season agricultural production has increased by 25% compared to that of last season, Mr. Habteab said that 319 dams and micro-dams in the region have collected enough water and will have significant contribution in the development of irrigation farming.

Mr. Habteab went on to say that as part of the effort to ensure potable water supply, potable water projects have been put in place in the administrative areas of Adi-Felesti, Kisad-Daero, Adewhi, Geza-Dingur, Senafe, Adi-Setah, Adi-Hargets, and micro-dams have been constructed in five sub-zones of the region.

Mr. Habteab also commended the residents for the contribution they extended in support of families of martyrs and to the development of teaching-learning process.

The participants on their part conducted extensive discussion on the report presented and adopted various recommendations.

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