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Tour of inspection to development sites

Keren, 15 April 2022- The Governor of Anseba Region, Ambassador Abdella Musa conducted tour of inspection to Geleb sub-zone on 14 April with a view to observe the situation of social service provision institutions and the progress of development programs.

The objective of the tour of inspection that covered the administrative areas of Kuruh, Aibaba and Mihlab was to encourage water and soil conservation activities as well as to observe the situation of the social service provision institutions and discuss with concerned bodies on addressing the challenges the institutions are facing.

At a meeting held with residents of the administrative areas, the Governor called for conducting community-based development programs, renovation of roads that have been difficult for vehicles as well as for community initiative to construct micro-dams with a view to alleviate potable water shortage.

The residents also called for establishment of a high school in their area, construction of a dam with a view to alleviate potable water problem, as well as for machinery support in the renovation of the road linking Mihlab with Kuruh.

The tour of inspection was attended by the secretary of the PFDJ branch in the Anseba Region and Director General of Construction Development as well as area administrators and heads of agriculture offices.

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