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Keynote speech by Minister Amina Nur Hussein at the launching ceremony of five years strategic plan of the health sector.

  • Honorable Ministers!
  • Distinguished High Ranking Government and PFDJ Officials!
  • Distinguished United Nations Representatives!
  • Distinguished Participants!
  • All Protocol Observed!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I feel highly honored and pleased to welcome you all to this launching of the three most important Ministry of Health documents, which include: –

  1. The Health Sector Strategic Development Plan (2022-2026),
  2. The Eritrean Essential Health Care Package, &
  3. The National Action Plan for Health Security (2022-2026).

These three key documents are the most important tools to achieve the aspirations and expectations on the health sector of the Government and the Eritrean people.

The Ministry of Health governance is set in such a way that the existing National Health Policy provides the overall guidance to the health sector strategies that will be launched today. 

Ladies and Gentlemen! 

Eritrea has made remarkable progress in the health sector since liberation, with changes so great that life expectancy is now close to 20 years more than that of 1991, which is twice the improvement seen in the African Region, as well as, close-to three times the global life expectancy improvement, seen during the same period.

The risk of dying before the age of 5 years was reduced by 75% & maternal mortality ratio was reduced by 82% between 1991 and 2020, which are among the best in the developing world.

Our existing National Health Policy, which was developed in recognition of the evolving national, regional, and global health context, is consistent with the country’s commitment, to maximize the health and wellbeing for all Eritreans, and residents of Eritrea at all ages.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

The fact that Eritrea had strong Primary Health Care base, that begun before the liberation of the country, which proved its effectiveness in Eritrea’s success in achieving the Health Millennium Development Goals, means that, Eritrea has also strong foundation to do well, with Health Sustainable Development Goals. Hence, Eritrea’s Success in the Health Millennium Development Goal’s (MDG’s) shall be repeated with the Health Sustainable Development Goal’s (SDGs).

Ladies and Gentlemen!

The third Health Sector Strategic and Development Plan is designed to provide the overall strategic and implementation framework for the health sector priorities for a period of five years (2022-2026), and to contribute toward sustainable economic growth with social equity and justice.

The Ministry of Health shall promote the provision of essential health services at all levels (primary, secondary and tertiary) of health care and across all age groups in line with the Eritrean Essential Health Care Package, which is one of the key documents that will be launched today.

The health sector shall also establish a comprehensive emergency management program, and regularly develop, review and implement its National Action Plan for Health Security, which is another key document that is being launched today.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

As you all know, formulating, enriching, and validating these three key documents, required a lot of hard work and the involvement of many individuals and organizations. At this point, on behalf of the Ministry of Health and on my own myself, I express my appreciation to the individuals and organizations who worked hard to produce these Ministry’s overarching documents.

However, policies, plans, and guidelines are only as good as their implementation. Hence, I would like to urge all our health workforce, to continue working harder to put the three documents into action.

At this point, I would particularly like to call for the continuous commitment of the Government sectors, development partners, communities, and health service users including individuals, and families towards effective implementation of the strategies, plans, and guidelines contained in the three key documents.

A brief presentation of these documents will be presented by my colleagues.

I Thank you all!

Awet Nhafas!

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