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International Day of Plant Health observed

Asmara, 12 May 2022- International Day of Plant Health, 12 May, was observed at the national level at the premises of the Ministry of Agriculture under the theme “Protecting Plants-Protecting Life”.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Tekleab Misghina, General Director of Regulations and Inspection at the Ministry of Agriculture, said that the International Day of Plant Health will have a significant drive in developing the understanding as well as in the abolition of hunger and poverty and in the development of bio-diversity.

Pointing out that plantations are among the main components for human survival, Mr. Tekleab said that plants develop up to 80% of food for humans and up to 98% of oxygen.

However, Mr. Tekleab went on to say that human habitation is harming the life of plants and that up to 40% of food crops are lost due to plant pests and diseases every year and as result, it is affecting both food security and agriculture.

Mr. Tekleab also called for somber measures in controlling pests that are causing plant diseases.

Mr. Seid Nuredin, head of Seeds Resource Control, gave a briefing on the activities being exerted to ensure the health of plantations in the country.

International Day of Plant Health is being observed for the first time at the international and national levels.

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