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Auditor General’s Office provides training

Asmara, 13 May 2022- The Office of the Auditor-General organized training for 32 internal auditors, including 9 females, from all the regions that are working in the auditing service.

The training that was provided at the Auditor-General central office from 9 to 13 May included financial audit, regulations and accountability of audit, execution of administrative activities, internal auditing system, managing uncertainties, revising and scrutinizing outstanding audit, as well as other issues related to auditing.

According to the office of the Audit-General, the objective of the training was to develop the capacity of internal auditors across the country.

Expressing the expectation that the training provided will have a significant contribution to developing the capacity of the internal auditors, Mr. Mengis Dagnew, director of Audit at the Auditor-General office, commended the interest the trainees demonstrated during the program.

The office of the Auditor-General has been organizing regular training programs since 2016 and so far 250 staff members have become beneficiaries of the program.

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