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Independence week in Central Region

Asmara, 16 May 2022- Schools’ Independence Week commences today, 16 May at the Asmara Comprehensive School under the theme “Independent Choice – Backbone of Our Pride”.

The Governor of the Central Region, Mr. Fesehaye Haile officiated the week with opening photo exhibition depicting the Independence Day.

Indicating that the Independence Week is an occasion in which the progress of educational activity is reflected and a forum for transferring the shining history of the Eritrean people to the young generation, Mr. Belay Habtegabir, head of the Ministry of Education branch in the Central Region, said that the program will continue until 23 May and students from 281 secondary schools will participate.

According to Mr. Belay the program will include cultural programs depicting the unity and diversity of the Eritrean people and the heroic feat the Eritrean people demonstrated and the heavy sacrifice paid.

Pointing out that the Independence Week is part of the Independence Day celebrations, Ms. Sitom Seid, administrator of Paradizo sub-zone, said that the program will have significant contribution in transferring the candid history of the Eritrean people to posterity.

The event was highlighted with photo exhibition as well as cultural and artistic programs.


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