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Expansion and development of social service provision institutions

Asmara, 02 June 2022- Col. Gebrehans Woldgergis, Director General of Social Service at the Central Region, reported that a strong effort has been exerted to expand and develop social service provision institutions in the region.

Indicating that pre-independence the number of educational institutions that were 85 across the region has currently increased to over 300, Col. Gebrehans said that the number of student enrolment that was a few thousand has increased to over 147 thousand.

Regarding health service, Col. Gebrehans said that the number of health facilities was 14 at present 36 including 1 referral hospital, 3 community hospitals, 6 health centers, and 26 health stations.

Col. Begrehans said that significant progress has also been registered in medical facilities, human resources as well as supply of medicines.


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