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Eritrea Participates at the 11th World Potato Congress

A team of Eritrea researchers and experts are participating in the 11th World Potato Congress being held in Dublin, Ireland from 30 May – to 02 June 2022.

According to information from the participants, the congress includes presentations, focus sessions, poster presentations, technical tours, and networking by renowned scientists and international speakers on the challenges and opportunities in the potato business; health and nutrition; Innovation; sustainability; food security, and development.

Eritrea is participating in the overall sessions and is also sharing its experience with posters exhibition. It’s also worth mentioning that Eritrea’s experience has been quoted by three scientists from CIP, Teagasc, and Vita in their presentations.

It is to be noted that Eritrea has registered remarkable achievement in the potato sector, and has secured adequate potato seeds both for the highland and the lowland areas of the country.

More than 900 delegates from 61 countries are participating at the 11th World Potato Congress.

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