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Financial contribution to community activities

Asmara, 16 June 2022- At a virtual meeting they conducted, nationals in various cities of Italy contributed 310 thousand 540 Euros for the successful implementation of activities of Eritrean communities in Italy.

St the meeting in which heads of PFDJ, National Union of Eritrean Women, YPFDJ, Eritrean communities as well Media and Diplomatic committees from 16 cities in Italy took part, Mr. Ghirmay Habtemicael, head of Public and Community Affairs at the Eritrean Embassy in Italy, said that in past six months successful activities have been conducted.

According to report, nationals in Milano contributed 114 thousand 390 Euros, nationals in Rome 58 thousand 600 Euros, nationals Bologna 37 thousand Euros, nationals in Firenze 24 thousand 300 Euros, nationals in Bari 11 thousand 550 Euros, nationals Napoli 11 thousand 400 Euros, nationals in Torino 9 thousand Euros, nationals in Parma 8 thousand 650 Euros, nationals in Catania 7 thousand 300 Euros, nationals in Verona 7 thousand 100 Euros, nationals in Abruso 5 thousand 950 Euros, nationals in Pisa 3 thousand 900 Euros, nationals in Palermo 3 thousand 200 Euros, nationals in Genoa 3 thousand 200 Euros, nationals in Brescia 2 thousand 900 Euros and nationals in Pistoia 2 thousand 100 Euros.

The participants also discussed on the preparation of the festival that will be held in Bologna in July.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Fesehatsion Petros, Eritrean Ambassador to Italy, gave extensive briefing on the objective situation in the homeland as well regional and global development and called on nationals to strengthen organizational capacity and participation in the national affairs.

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