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Financial support to families of martyrs

Asmara, 18 June 2022- Mr. Zerai Tekleab, director of Social Welfare at the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, reported that the Government of Eritrea has so far disbursed over 5.2 billion Nakfa in support of families of martyrs.

Understanding that supporting families of martyrs is not to be left to the Government only, Mr. Zerai said that Diaspora nationals have extended over 160 million Nakfa in support of 18 thousand 299 families of martyrs.

Mr. Zerai further noted that the Government in cooperation with nationals residing inside the country and abroad has rehabilitated 1 thousand 309 families of martyrs with livestock, small scale trade, and other materials worth over 26 million Nakfa.

Mr. Zerai went on to say that, a number of families of martyrs were also provided vocational training on various domains including weaving, catering, still and video cameras, beauty salon, basic computer application, metal and wood works, driving among other with a view to enable them become self-supportive and productive members of the society.

In related news, Mr. Ismail Osman, representative of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare branch in the Northern Red Sea Region, said that since 2004 over 328 million Nakfa has been distributed to families of martyrs in the region.

Mr. Ismail also said that about 10 million Nakfa extended by nationals residing inside the country and abroad has been disbursed to 980 disadvantaged families of martyrs.

Likewise, taxi owners association in the port city of Massawa, youth workers at the Massawa Municipality, members of Police Force in Massawa, members of the National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students and National Union of Eritrean Women branches conducted popular campaigns at the Massawa Martyrs Cemetery, Salina and Twalet Martyrs Monument.

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