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Visit to historical trenches

Asmara, 19 June 2022- Athletes in the Central Region accompanied by Mr. Fesehaye Haile, Governor of the Central Region, and Mr. Yosuf Saiq, Chairman of the PFDJ in the Central Region, visited the Adi-Hawsha historical trenches on 18 June in connection with 20 June, Martyrs Day.

At the event, the Governor of the Central Region, Mr. Fesehaye Haile and the Chairman of the PFDJ in the Central Region, Mr. Yosuf Saiq laid wreath at the Adi-Hawsha Martyrs Cemetery.

The athletes were provided briefing on the heroic feat demonstrated by the Eritrean freedom fighters at the Adi-Hawsha front.

The occasion featured cultural and artistic programs as well as financial contribution in support of families of martyrs.

Likewise, members of Division 70-16 and Sawa Housing Construction Company conducted popular campaign at Mai-Diminet area and members of taxi owners association donated 130 units of blood.

In the same vein, staff members of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare conducted terraces construction popular campaign on 14 and 17 June at Mai-Diminet area.

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