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Financial contribution to augment Martyrs Trust Fund

Asmara, 06 July 2022- Nationals in various cities of Germany contributed 26 thousand 121 Euros towards augmenting the Martyrs Trust Fund and in support families of martyrs.

According to report, the contribution was made by nationals in the German cities of Frankfurt and its environs, Dusseldorf and its environs, Nuremburg and its environs, Wuppertal and its environs, Offenbach and its environs, Cologne and its environs, Kassel and its environs, Siegen and its environs, Reutlingen and its environs, Bielefeld and its environs as well as in Ulm and its environs.

Likewise, nationals in Wuppertal assumed the responsibility of supporting 20 families of martyrs, nationals in Dusseldorf 17 families of martyrs, nationals in Berlin and its environs 7 families of martyrs, and nationals Frankfurt to support 2 families of martyrs.

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