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Eid Al Adha colorfully celebrated

Asmara, 09 July 2022- Eid Al Adha, 1443 Hijiri year, was colorfully celebrated nationwide today, 9 July.

At the celebratory event held at Bahti Meskeram Square, Sheik Salem Ibrahim al-Muktar, Mufti of Eritrea, said that Eid is a religious and cultural event in which the faithful extend hands to disadvantaged citizens.

Sheik Salem called on nationals to make use of the educational opportunity being provided by the Government of Eritrea and send their children to school and especially females for educating women is educating the society.

Sheik Salem also wished Happy Eid Al Adha to the Eritrean people inside the country and abroad in general and to the faithful in particular as well as to the Eritrean Defense Forces.

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