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Students from central Region leave for Sawa

Asmara, 16 July 2022- Students from 21 Secondary Schools in the Central region have left for Sawa today, 16 July, to continue their grade 12 education at the Warsai-Yikealo School in Sawa and to attend the 35th round of the national service.

The students said that they are physically and psychologically prepared to go to Sawa to pursue their 12 grade education and discharge their national obligation.

Upon departure from their respective schools the students were seen off by their parents and friends.

The second batches are due to depart on Wednesday 20 July.

Likewise, 11 grade students from the Northern Red Sea, Anseba and Gash Barka Regions have already left for Sawa on 12 July and students from Southern Red Sea Region on 20 July and students from Southern region will depart on 24 July.

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