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Workshop by Forestry and Wildlife Authority

Asmara, 19 July 2022- The Forestry and Wildlife Authority on 15 July organized a workshop in the port city of Massawa to discuss the current situation of forestry and wildlife resources in the country.

Speaking at the workshop in which heads of administrations and partners took part, Col. Kinfe Habtom, Manager of the Authority, indicated that conservation of forestry and wildlife has a significant contribution to the economic development of the country, and called for integrated effort for a better outcome.

Col. Kinfe also expressed expectation that the greening campaign that is being conducted across the country with strong participation of the public will have a significant contribution to redressing the environment.

At the workshop research papers describing the condition of forests in the country as well as the level of understanding of the public have been presented.

According to the research conducted, in Eritrea, there are 126 types of primate wildlife and 600 types of birds.

The research further indicated that 56 types of indigenous trees and 23 types of wildlife are on the verge of extinction.

The participants on their part conducted extensive discussion on the research papers presented and adopted various recommendations including establishing more reserved lands as well as taking serious measures to control the illegal cutting of trees.

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