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Hazhaz Hospital providing commendable service

Asmara, 30 August 2022- The Medical Director of the Hazhaz Hospital, Dr. Tesfaselasie Eyob said that the hospital is providing praiseworthy health service by putting in place the necessary medical equipment and human resources.

Dr. Tesfaselasie indicated that the hospital has put in place modern medical facilities for diagnosis and treatment of various internal diseases, Ultra-Sound and X-Ray equipments as well as skilled human resources and that is easing the workload of the other health facilities and hospitals.

Dr. Tesfaselasie went on to say that students graduating from medical colleges are significantly contributing in the commendable health service provision as well as in physiotherapy and counseling services.

The youth health professionals at the hospital on their part expressed that they get spiritual satisfaction for contributing their professional capacity in serving the society.

Dr. Tesfaselasie further noted that the hospital is providing professional advice and drugs free of charge to diabetics and hypertension patients as well as to people with visual impairment.

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