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Seminars by Governor of Northern Red Sea Region

Massawa, 07 September 2022- The Governor of the Northern Red Sea Region, Ms. Asmeret Abraha conducted seminars in the sub-zones of Gelalo, Foro and Massawa focusing on the objective situation in the homeland.

At the seminars that were conducted from 2 to 7 September and in which heads of departments and branches, area administrators, village elders and concerned Government workers took part, Ms. Asmeret explaining on the historical background of Eritrean identity and challenges encountered as well as the heavy sacrifice paid to address the challenges, called on the public to develop overall awareness and strengthen participation in the successful implementation of national development drives.

In the same vein, Ms. Asmeret discussed with concerned bodies and experts focusing on the efforts being exerted to ensure potable water supply and development activities in Bada administrative area.

Ms. Asmeret also visited the progress of the road renovation connecting the sub-zones of Gelalo and Foro and held discussion with the coordinators of the program.

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