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Governor of Anseba Region met with Asmat residents

Keren, 09 September 2022- Ambassador Abdella Musa, Governor of Anseba Region conducted meeting with residents of Asmat sub-zone and employees of various institutions in the sub-zone focusing on activities of social service provision institutions and development programs.

At the meeting, Ambassador Abdella said that the Eritrean people emerged victorious foiling external aggressions and hostilities owing to their strong unity and resilience, and that currently Eritrea is standing firm and with bright future.

Indicating that strong effort has been exerted to develop social service provision institutions and especially that of education and health, Ambassador Abdella called for integrated effort on the part of the public in general and that of parents in particular for better outcome.

Ambassador Abdella also called on all stakeholders to exert reinforced participation so that students alongside their regular education develop their capacity and discipline and play due part in the national affairs.

Ambassador Abdella further called on the public to conduct sustainable soil and water conservation activities with a view to boost agricultural production especially that of vegetables and fruits farming.

The participants conducted extensive discussion on several issues of concern and adopted various recommendations.

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