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Athlete Rahel Daniel won 10 km Road Race

Asmara, 12 September 2022- Eritrean Olympian Rahel Daniel won first place in the 10 km Road Race that was held on 11 September in Colombia.

Rahel finished the ‘La Carrera Del Pacifico’ road race in 32 minutes and 23 seconds and 30 seconds ahead of the second-placed Kenyan Athlete Monica Nguigui.

Olympian Athlete Rahel Daniel who is the holder of 10 km national record is also the holder of the International Road Race record according to the International Athletics Association standard.

It is to be recalled that Rahel Daniel brought the first Bronze medal to her country at the ‘Diamond League’ competition held this year in the US and stood fifth at the 10 km road race held in Oregon in July of this year.

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