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National Potato Conference in Asmara

Asmara, 21 September 2022- National Potato Conference commences today, 21 September at Asmara Palace under the theme “One Vision and Harmonized Work for Sustainable Potato Seed Supply”.

At the Conference that will be held for two days, eleven international organizations are attending including International Potato Center, Agricultural Research Institute in Central and Horn of Africa, Irish Potato Research and Breeding Institute, Irish Food and Agriculture Development Authority, National Agricultural Research Institute of Tanzania, Self Help Africa and Vita.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Tsegay Berhane, Director of the Halhale National Agricultural Research Center, said that the objective of the conference, the first of its kind, is to share Eritrea’s experience in breeding improved potato seeds and to initiate select potato seeds that have not yet been introduced as well as to gain knowledge from experiences of partners and other countries.

At the conference research papers focusing on agricultural sector in general and the significance, progress and genre of potato in particular, potato pests and means of controlling, breeding of potato in laboratory, strategy and experience of Irish Potato Research and Breeding Institute, as well as influence and challenges of potato seeds in small scale agricultures in Kenya and Horn Africa Region were presented.

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