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Effort to ensure quality education

Asmara, 4 October 2022- The National Association of Eritrean Teachers expressed readiness to strengthen participation in the effort to ensure quality education.

The comment was made at the meeting conducted on 5 October in connection with International Teachers Day.

Indicating that this year’s International Teachers Day is being observed under the theme “Education Transformation Starts With Teachers”, Mr. Simon Mehari, chairman of the association, said that the substantial investment the Eritrean Government made in the education sector expansion of educational facilities has been already been ensured and realization of quality education requires integrated effort on the part of all stakeholders.

Pointing out that International Teachers Day is a day in which the association reviews its activities and pledges to strengthen participation in teaching-learning development, Mr. Simon called on teachers to discharge their professional responsibility and play due part in the effort to nurture a committed and responsible generation.

Mr. Simon also called on teachers to develop their professional capacity and on the concerned institutions to create conducive atmospheres for teachers.

International Teachers Day is observed every year on 5 October and this year it is being observed for the 28th time at the international level and for the 26th time at the national level.

The National Association of Eritrean Teachers which was established in 1958 has currently about 29 thousand members and is also a member of the International Teachers Association and Africa Region since 1996.


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