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Effort to control prevalence of TB

Asmara, 10 October 2022- The Ministry of Health reported that strong effort is being exerted to control the prevalence of TB with a view to realize the Sustainable Development Goals.

Sister Hiwet Neguse, head of the TB control at the Ministry of Health, said that the curing rate from TB has reached 92% from 2017 to 2021 and effort is being exerted to locate patients that were not able to come to health facilities for treatment.

Sister Hiwet also said that sustainable awareness-raising activities are being carried out to develop the understanding of the public on the causes and consequence of the disease.

Sister Hiwet went on to say that training programs have been organized in the six regions of the country and expressed expectation that the trainees will significantly contribute in the effort to control and eradicate TB from the country.

Sister Hiwet also said that there are 600 village health representatives that were provided with basic training on TB treatment and are expected to play due role in the effort.

Sister Hiwet also called for immediate report to health facilities for treatment in case of feeling any symptoms of the disease.

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