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Seminar to female students and teachers in Sawa

Sawa, 11 October 2022- The National Union of Eritrean Women branch of Sawa and Higher Education Institution organized a seminar for female students and teachers as well as civil workers of Warsai-Yikealo High School from 7 to 9 October.

The seminar was focused on a basic understanding of the law, and health-related issues, as well as awareness and participation of females in socio-economic and political affairs.

At a seminar provided under the theme ‘Youth-Guarantor of Future Eritrea’,  Ms. Aberash Habtai, head of the union branch, called on the youth to take advantage of the opportunity being provided and reinforce participation and contribution to building a prosperous and stable country that guarantees the future of the youth.

Pointing out the contribution of strengthened organization in the implementation of the charted out development programs, in safeguarding national sovereignty and ensuring peace and stability as well as in ensuring gender equality, Ms. Aberash called on the participants to strengthen organizational capacity and take advantage of the opportunity being provided.

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