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Exploration of surface and ground water resources

Asmara, 14 October 2022- The Ministry of Land, Water and Environment indicated that the exploratory research on surface and ground water resources has significant contribution in the national development programs.

Mr. Semere Berhe, head of Exploration and Information of Water Resource at the Ministry, said that right away after independence strong effort has been exerted to identify surface and ground water resources in the country.

Mr. Semere went on to say that since Eritrea is located at Sahel-Sahara region its water resource is limited and receives sporadic rainfall and every year it collects over 2 million cubic meter of water from rain and streams.

Mr. Semere also said that in the past 30 years of independence as part of the study to ensure water supply to household consumption, industry and others, over 2 thousand 250 water wells have been excavated and currently research on ground water resource is being carried out in 90 areas across the country.

Mr. Semere also called on the public to judiciously use the water resources and conduct soil conservation activity for the safety and sustainability of the dams in their areas.

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