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Call for introducing hydroponic farming system

Asmara, 15 October 2022- The Ministry of Agriculture called on farmers to introduce hydroponic farming system with a view to produce alternative animal fodder.

Ms. Almaz Gebreyohannes, head of Agricultural Innovation at the Ministry of Agriculture, said that the Ministry of Agriculture as part of the effort to address animal fodder shortage is working to develop hydroponic farming on a number of cereals and especially on barley.

Eng. Heran Yosief, one of the experts that are engaged in the introduction of hydroponic farming, said that introducing hydroponic farming will have significant contribution in improving the supply of nutritious food through alternative methods and is believed to be a timely solution to the deficit of green animal feed.

Eng. Betelihem Angesom on her part said that hydroponic animal fodder could be produced sustainable way through judicious use of water and farmers could produce it using materials at their disposal that can hold water.

Ms. Almaz also called on farmers to introduce hydroponic farming to address the exited animal fodder shortage and consult agricultural experts in their areas.

Countries like Eritrea that mainly depend on rain-fed subsistence farming consider the introduction of hydroponic farming as an alternative to the conventional system.

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