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Orotta College of Medicine and College of Health Science graduates 269 students

Asmara, 15 October 2022- Orotta College of Medicine and College of health Science conferred degree and diploma to 269 students today, 15 October.

Accordingly, 28 students were graduated in medicine, 19 in Ophthalmology nursing, 28 in general medicine with degree and 78 in nursing, 116 in various fields of study with diploma.

Indicating that human resources development in the health sector is one of the priorities of the Government of Eritrea, Dr. Yosief Tewolde, head of surgical unit, said that with the substantial investment made coupled with the effort the Ministry of Health and College of Medicine have been exerting encouraging achievements are being registered.

The representative of the graduates on his part commending for the educational opportunity they were provided, expressed conviction to live up the expectations of the Government and people that provided them the opportunity.

According to document, since their establishment, the Orotta College of Medicine and College of Health Science have graduated 2 thousand 870 students in degree and 2 thousand 810 in diploma programs.

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