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Workshop of National Sports Federations

Asmara, 18 October 2022- The National Sports Federations are conducting workshop starting from 17 October at Asmara Palace under the theme “Strong Organization for Sports Development”.


Speaking at the opening event of the workshop, Ambassador Zemede Tekle, Commissioner of Culture and Sports, said that the objective of the workshop is to review four years activities of each federation and generate ideas that could support the development of sports in the country.

Col. Solomon Seyum, head of supervision of activities of Olympics and Para-Olympics Committees, called on the participants to carry out thorough assessment of activities and contribute in designing future programs.

The participants conducted extensive discussion on the reports presented by presidents and finance heads of Volleyball and Badminton federations and adopted future programs.

The workshop that started by Volleyball and   Badminton federations will continue with the remaining federations.

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