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Discussion on strengthening organizational capacity

Keren, 20 October 2022- The National Association of Eritrean War Disabled Veterans branch in Anseba Region organized meetings with war disabled veterans in all sub-zones of the region from 4 to 15 October focusing on strengthening organization as well as developing their capacity.

At the meetings, Mr. Shimwele Woldegergis, chairman of the branch association, called on non-members war disabled veterans to join the association and become beneficiaries of economic, materials and health as well as loan benefits from the association.

Indicating that old age, chronic diseases and economic problems are the main challenges of war disabled veterans; Mr. Shimwele said that the association has been extending material and financial support to identified disadvantaged members.

Regarding medical support to war disabled veterans, Mr. Shimwele also said that the association covers 70% of medical expenses inside the country and 50% in abroad.

Mr. Tesfatsion Ghirmay, Director General of Social Service in Anseba Region, on his part called on the association to identify the main problems of war disabled veterans and extend support with a view to improve their livelihoods.

The head of Rehabilitation and Reintegration at the National Association of Eritrean War Disable Veterans, Mr. Abraham Kifletsion said that so far the association has disbursed over 16 million Nakfa loan to members in remote areas across the country.

The National Association of Eritrean War Disabled Veterans branch in Anseba Region comprises 2 thousand 218 members.

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