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Training on computer technology

Asmara, 20 October 2022- As part of the effort to develop the capacity human resource, the Central Region administration provided two months raining to 30 members on computer technology.

Mr. Tedros Tekle, Director General of Statistics and Cartographic Information, said that the training included maintenance of information technology equipments as well as data base administration.

Speaking at the closing event of the training, Mr. Fesehaye Haile, Governor of Central Region, called on the trainees to apply the training they were provided in providing efficient service to their institutions and the public.

The representative of the trainees on his part, indicating that the training will have significant contribution in further upgrading their knowledge, expressed readiness to live up to the expectations of their institution.

At the event certificates were handed over to the trainees as well as certificate of appreciation to the trainers.

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