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Eritrea participates at Diplomatic Fun Fair

Asmara, 25 October 2022- Eritrea represented by the Eritrean Embassy in South Africa participated at the Diplomatic Fun Fair on 22 October in Pretoria, the Republic of South Africa.

At the Diplomatic Fun Fair organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Africa and the City Municipality and in which a number of institutions in South Africa took part, Eritrea is attending for the fifth time.

At the Expo, the Eritrean Embassy in cooperation with nationals residing in South Africa displayed exhibition depicting the culture and traditions of the Eritrean people, history and geographical location of Eritrea, tourism resources, as well victories that Eritrea registered in various sports competitions.

Based on the overall contents displayed at the Diplomatic Fun Fair, Eritrea became award winner of ‘Tambo Award-Best Overall Exhibition’ of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Africa.

According to the Eritrean Embassy, visitors of the exhibition had the opportunity to get sufficient understanding about Eritrea and its people.

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