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Open Letter to Holocaust Museum

The Embassy of the State of Eritrea expresses its indignation at the Press Release of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum of 25 October this week, in which it alludes to “a heightened risk of genocide and mass atrocities in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region”. The Press Release further speculates about “multiple warning signs of potential genocide against the Tigray people as Ethiopian security forces, supported by Eritrean forces and Amhara Special Forces have seized key towns and cities”.

The Holocaust Museum has apparently recycled defamatory accusations wickedly propagated by the TPLF and its wide networks without minimal and independent verification of the facts on the ground.

The war that has raged for two years, and which could have been avoided in the first place, has and continues to inculcate a huge loss of life and destruction of property. But this has affected all the regions enmeshed in the conflict.

It must also be recalled that this is a war of choice by the TPLF as the party that unleashed a massive and unprovoked War of Insurrection on 3 November 2020 with the twin aims of toppling the Ethiopian Federal Government and the perpetration of its two-decades old of destabilization and regime-change in Eritrea.

The current third offensive, as well as the second offensive that the TPLF had launched in June 2021 with the purported aim to “marching to Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital”, were launched precisely at a time when the Ethiopian Federal Government had declared Unilateral Ceasefire and a Permanent Humanitarian Truce respectively.

These are the incontrovertible facts. But, the TPLF and its apologists had set in motion a false-flag disinformation campaign on “genocide” on the very day and week that it had unleashed its War of Choice and Insurrection. This campaign has ebbed and flowed thereafter in negative correlation with its military reversals and advances.

Another dimension that cannot be glossed over in any serious appraisal of the current conflict is the TPLF’s toxic philosophy of institutionalized ethnicity. The political philosophy of driving a wedge and polarizing people on ethnic lines – which is championed by its high priest, the TPLF – is otherwise alien to our region whose diverse peoples are destined by history and geography to co-exist together.

In the event, the Embassy of Eritrea strongly requests the Holocaust Museum to rescind its unwarranted statement which constitutes a blight to the victims of the Holocaust and the noble cause of ensuring that this abomination never happens again in our global village.

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