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Resolve to strengthen organizational capacity

Asmara, 31 October 2022- Eritrean nationals in Libya expressed resolve to strengthen organizational capacity and play due part in the national development programs.

The nationals made the comment at a meeting with Mr. Isa Ahmed Isa, Eritrea’s non-resident Ambassador to Libya on 30 October.

Indicating that they fully understand that Eritrea, owing to its consistent people and leadership is transforming to a bright future, the nationals expressed conviction to contribute their part in foiling the external conspiracies aimed at derailing the socio-economic progress of Eritrea.

Ambassador Isa on his part gave extensive briefing on the active diplomatic engagement of Eritrea to ensure economic partnership and sustainable social justice in the region as well as the substantial investment being made in development programs in general and that of human resources development in particular.

Calling on the nationals to take advantage of the educational and employment opportunities they are getting, Ambassador Isa expressed readiness to stand alongside their community activities.

The national also congratulating Mr. Isa for his appointment as non-residents Ambassador to Libya called for the sustainability of meeting.

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