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Eritrean community festival in Riyadh

Asmara, 05 November 2022- The Eritrean community in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, held its annual festival on 3 and 4 November with patriotic real.

The annual festival that was attended by a number of nationals featured seminar on the objective situation in the homeland and regional developments, cultural programs, sports competitions, children’s programs among others.

At a seminar Mr. Yosuf Saiq, head of Organizational Affairs of the PFDJ, indicated that the Eritrean people in the past 80 years have emerged victorious by foiling external conspiracies and hostilities and have reached to this promising stage, called for preserving the noble societal values and transfer them to posterity.

Expressing that Eritrea will continue its constructive engagement in cooperation with partners to ensure peace and stability in the region; Mr. Yosuf called on Diaspora nationals to strengthen organizational capacity and active participation in the national affairs.

At the event wards were handed over to winner of the football competition and best players.

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