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Meeting on treatment of intellectual and developmental disability

Barentu, 07 November 2022- Meeting focusing on treatment of citizens with intellectual and developmental disability was conducted in Barentu on 4 November.

At the meeting, Let. Col. Eyob Okbaldet, head of Administration and Finance at the National Association of Intellectual and Developmental Disability of Eritrea, explaining on the cause and gravity of intellectual and developmental disability, indicated on the significance of developing the understanding of the public in general and that of foster families in particular on modalities of treatment of disabled citizens.

Let. Col. Eyob went on to say that there are 4 thousand 500 registered with intellectual and developmental disability nationwide and over 770 are found in Gash Barka Region and called on influential members of the society to play due role in transforming the wrong public attitude and belief on the disability.

Indicating that previously citizens with intellectual and developmental disability have been facing enormous challenges due to the limitation of the association and lack of understanding of the public, Mr. Kebedom Asmelash, head of the association branch in Gash Barka Region, said that efforts are being exerted to support the disabled citizens and their caretakers.

Speaking at the occasion, Ambassador Mahmud Ali Hiruy, Governor of Gash Barka Region, said that the disability requires profound knowledge and perseverance and called on Government institutions to play due part in the effort to develop the understanding of the public.


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