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Statement Delivered by H.E. Sophia Tesfamariam Permanent Representative of the State of Eritrea to the United Nations At the First Meeting of the National Coordinators of the Group of Friends in Defense of the UN Charter 5th November 2022, Tehran  


Distinguished Colleagues,


At the outset let me express my delegation’s gratitude to the Islamic Republic of Iran for graciously hosting us here in the beautiful and historical city of Tehran. Our appreciation also goes to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela for ably guiding the works of our Group. I would further like to congratulate the Group for this first meeting of the ‘National Coordinators’ and for the comprehensive Political Declaration just adopted.



As reaffirmed during the Third Ministerial Meeting held last September on the margins of the 77th UNGA, a call for action in the defense of the Charter of the UN vis-à-vis the present critical international juncture is indeed duly appropriate. Essentially, these measures must include, among others, upholding the principles of the UN Charter and international law –sovereign equality, independence, territorial integrity, and non-interference, – rectifying the unilateral coercive measures and unwarranted sanctions, and refuting the putative ‘rules-based order.’

The ill-premised ‘rules-based order’ is not only proven to be lopsided; it has rather polarized the international political and economic orders, fomented conflicts, and sullied those who don’t embrace its self-proclaimed ‘standards.’ Apparently, proponents of this ‘order’, ludicrous as they may sound, have the sheer audacity to dichotomize the world into a ‘garden versus a jungle;’ –them as the sole guardians of the ‘garden.’ This is preposterous and calls for well-calibrated action from all law-abiding and peace-loving nations.  Thus, the resolve of the Group of Friends in the Defense of the UN Charter at this critical juncture remains overly imperative.



To this end, the requisite political goodwill galvanized among our Group of Friends needs to be capitalized by taking practical steps towards coordinating and harmonizing positions in matters of common interests and concerns. As underscored in the Political Declaration, the fundamental principles should guide our cause of actions instead of dwelling on specific issues. It is my delegation’s view that the Political Declaration should be complemented with a plausible program of action that addresses the fundamentals of the Group.

Eritrea, as several members of this Group, has been and continues to bore the brunt of the illegal and unwarranted unilateral coercive measures and these must be removed immediately and unconditionally.  

Thank You!

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