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National Council of Eritreans in Scandinavia: Rebuttal to Foreign Policy Article

On November 10 this month, Foreign Policy website published an evidently distorted “analysis” entitled “How Eritrea Could Derail the Ethiopian Deal”, by a notorious “regime change” proponent residing in Norway; a certain Mohamed.
The National Council of Eritreans in Scandinavia find this FP article highly biased and replete with misleading presumptions and assertions. Indeed, it cannot pass a simple test of objectivity. We are accordingly puzzled how this article was deemed fit for publication on a leading current affairs website.
The entire piece, in fact, seems to have been culled from a TPLF sheet of talking points. In the event, we would like to point out a few of the glaring inaccuracies:

  • First off, the TPLF wilfully started the brutal war that has intermittently raged for the last two years. Even the writer brazenly admits this in his paragraphs by saying “…after the TPLF’s takeover of Northern Command headquarters in November 2020”
  • Eritrea’s track-record of working for peace, stability and cooperation in the Horn of Africa is illustrated, among other things, by its unwavering respect and adherence to the Algiers Peace Agreement and the EEBC Arbitral Award that ensued in accordance with its fundamental provisions. On the contrary, the TPLF reneged on its treaty obligations and continued to occupy sovereign Eritrean territories in flagrant violation of international law.
  • The article deliberately glosses over the historical Eritrean – Ethiopia Peace and Cooperation Agreement that was signed in Asmara on July 9th, 2018. The Agreement formally terminates the state of war between the two countries and underlines, in unequivocal terms, Ethiopia’s respect of Eritrea’s sovereignty and territorial integrity through full implementation of the decision of the boundary commission; and in addition, both countries agreed to work jointly to ensure regional peace, development and cooperation.
  • All the sources referred to in the article are “sources close to TPLF” which is highly revealing about the writer’s close connections. The writer is a close associate of Mr. Kjetil Tronvoll in Oslo, who is a notorious TPLF collaborator and propagandist, which can be easily observed in his Twitter timeline of the last two years.
  • There is no point in wasting precious time to respond to all the obvious distortions included in the article. The National Council of Eritreans in Scandinavian countries however kindly requests the FP to publish this response on its website and check the objectivity and veracity of acrimonious articles on Eritrea as well as the credibility and underlying motivation of the authors concerned.

Yours Sincerely
National Council of Eritreans in Scandinavian Countries
16 November 2022

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