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Assessment meeting on performance of students

Asmara, 26 November 2022- The Ministry of Education branch in the Central Region held an assessment meeting on the performance and results of students in the 2021/2022 eighth-grade national examination.

At the meeting, Mr. Belai Habtegabir, head of the Ministry of Education in the region, said that in this year’s national examination 70.2% of the students scored passing marks compared to that of last year and called for integrated effort for a better outcome.

According to the report presented by Mr. Samson, Kibrom, head of eighth-grade national examination follow-up at the branch office, out of the 14 thousand 158 students that attended the national examination 9 thousand 934, including 68.3% females, scored passing marks.

Mr. Samson also called on schools that registered good results to preserve the achievements they registered and others to address the challenges that occur in the teaching-learning process and parents and stakeholders to strengthen participation in the effort.

Mr. Habte Asfaha, head of evaluation of the eighth-grade national examination, on his part reporting on the results registered at the national level said that compared to that of last year the number of students scoring passing marks has increased by 5.2%.

Indicating that the issues raised at the assessment meeting shoulder heavy responsibility to the concerned bodies and stakeholders, Mr. Musa Hussein Naib, Director General of General Education at the Ministry of Education, called on parents and teachers to play a leading role.

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