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Assessment of eighth grade national examination results

Keren, 06 December 2022- Assessment meeting on 2021/2022 eighth grade national examination result was organized in the Anseba Region.

At the meeting conducted in Keren on 3 December, Mr. Hamid Osman, representative of the Eighth Grade National Examination unit in the region, reported that out of the 6 thousand 147 students that stand for the examination 41% have scored passing marks and that compared to that of last year has increased by 1.3%.

Mr. Habte Asfaha, head of Eighth Grade National Examination Unit at the Ministry of Education, on his part indicating that at national level 50% of the students that attended the national examination have scored passing marks, called for integrated effort for better outcome.

Pointing out that the improvement being observed in the teaching-learning process has been encouraging, Mr. Musa Hussein Naib, Director General of General Education at the Ministry of Education, said that expanding pre-education center both in quality and quantity and organizing upgrading training programs to teachers in the elementary schools are vital in the development of teaching-learning process.

At the event 44 outstanding students including 22 females that scored 90 points and above in the 2021/2022 eighth grade national examination were provided ‘Oria’ awards.

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